Google Stadia release date is…

Google held a Pixel 4 press even today. During that press event, which focused mostly on the media coverage surrounding the company’s flagship cellphone, was a little snippet of news that our fellow gamers might be itching to know.

Stadia, the cloud gaming service that has been highly-touted since it’s first reveal in March of this year, will officially be available to those willing to try it November 19, 2019. Of course you can only try it if you are purchasing the Stadia Pro subscription for $9.99/month, or have bought into the “Founder’s Edition” at $129.99 which includes three months of Stadia Pro for you and for a friend, as well as Stadia’s own controller and a Chromecast Ultra to pull the whole package together. The free version of Stadia, named Stadia Base is not yet available to try and will no be available until “early 2020”.

All this information and more was garnered through an excellent couple of articles on THE VERGE. I have linked the articles right here:

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