About Me

My name is Alex Castellanos.

I was born in early 1985, in northern New Jersey. I was raised in a Christian home by some pretty conservative Puerto-Rican parents who felt that if my sister and I learned nothing else from their example, it would be that without Christ I can do nothing, but with Christ I can do all things!

[Oh and BTW, they very much disliked my video-game habit, even if they were the ones who bought most of the games I played in the first place.]

I married an amazing woman back in 2006 and we have done our best to model our lives and our marriage after Christ’s own example. I’m one of those guys who’s so in love with his wife, you’d think we were still newlyweds (even if we have a few years under our belts now) but if you have had the pleasure of meeting my wife you know why I am so in love with her. She is the BEST!

By day, I work at an Electrical Testing company, in their Engineering division as a Designer. I help the engineers to create the technical drawings that will be used in the field to design & build electrical systems in commercial applications.

Nights and weekends you will find me mostly at my church where I help in the Music Ministry as a piano player and vocalist. My wife and I like to be as involved in church as we can be, and find that’s where God has used us the most, both individually and as a couple.

I started this website because I wanted to create a space where I can discuss my passion for video games with other people who already shared my life-long passion for Jesus! It’s that simple. It’s a blog, yes, so by default those interacting with this site are mainly reading. But that doesn’t have to be where it ends. I am hoping that this becomes a place where people can connect and discuss things as much as it is a place where you can read something that hopefully interests you. I hope you do enjoy it, and feel free to comment and to interject you own thoughts and ideas to the conversation!

God Bless you,

Alex C.