Sony reveals PlayStation 5

Once again, Sony executives chose to speak exclusively to to reveal the latest news on the PlayStation 5. Here is the link to the exclusive wired article:

Thanks to Wired’s Peter Rubin, we now know that the next generation Sony console will be officially called, PlayStation 5, and that it will be released during the Holiday season of 2020. The most interesting tidbits, in my opinion, were the interesting descriptions that we were given, via Rubin’s experience, with the new console’s controller. There are much improved haptic-feedback actuator-coils in the controller grips which distinguished various road conditions / multiple surfaces. There’s something Sony is calling “adaptive triggers” which offer varying levels of tension depending on it’s use, an improved speaker, a USB-Type C connector, and possibly, an included microphone? (we’ll have to wait for confirmation on that last one)

Mark Cerny also seemed interested in clearing up how the new console will be accomplishing the Ray-Tracing that was touted during the earlier April discussion with, “There is ray-tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware,” says Mark, “which I believe is the statement that people were looking for.”

Some of the other topics discussed was an explanation of how the new Solid-State Drive will be able to read game data “dramatically faster than a hard drive” while saving “crucial space.” Sony will include a 4K Blu-Ray drive with the system that uses 100GB optical disks to take advantage of all the extra fast data. There was talk of a much improved UI that can do more than the now antiquated PS4 allows. Also, there was talk of how the PlayStation 5 will allow for more individualized game downloads and uploads.

When can we expect more news, and maybe an official first look, at this PlayStation 5?

Do you think that we’re getting closer to some sort of reveal event?

Make sure to read the article to get all the details that I left out, but I’d love to hear what you found most interesting about this latest news.

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